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Epoxy OG

Indica dominant hybrid

The product of award winning strains, this newer creation is fire. This strain holds a great balance of body relaxation without wearing on your mind.

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Gorilla Glue #1


If you haven’t met the flavorful sister of the award-winning Gorilla Glue #4, here she is in all her piney aroma and potent glory. Feel the heavy hitting effects of this strain with a heavy head rush that will leave you happy and hazy. This is great for treating insomnia and chronic pain.

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Gorilla OG

Indica Dominant Hybrid

A super star cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies OG. This is sure to become an instant classic! The Gorilla taste over rules its cross with the COG and it will hit you deep in the lungs. It will leave you feeling sedated and relaxed so it’s a good night time option.

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Sativa dominant hybrid

Scent and taste of freshly cut lemon slices. Euphoric, uplifting, and happy are all part of the high that comes from this hard hitting strain. Be mindful of the couch lock you may feel after too many hits.

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Gotta keep the jar nice and tight on this one. It has a very pungent scent and releases all that sweet and skunky aroma that fills a room. Quite stoney where it will be ideal for an end of day relaxing effect. Great for muscle tension and pain relief.

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Purple Haze


Sweet and earthy flavor with hint of berries and sharp spice. A nostalgic sativa that will take those veteran consumers back to the days when Jimi Hendrix was singing about "Purple Haze". This classic remains cherished for its cerebral stimulation that will awaken your creativity and happiness.

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Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies


Sweet minty scent true to its name. Potent evenly balanced strain that is great for a full body buzz and mental relief. It can help you get into a productive and happy groove and also help balance out your sleep cycle when needed.

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